Sold or Archived Work

Sold or Archived Work (20)

Sideroad House

Sidereal House - 12x16, oil on board, SOLD

Island View

11x14 oil on board Plein air SOLD


40 x 60 Oil on canvas SOLD


36 x 36 Oil on Canvas SOLD

By the roadside (Que)

18 x 24 Oil on Canvas SOLD

Red House, Charlevoix

14 x 18 Oil on board SOLD

Round the bend

12 x 16 Oil on mounted canvas SOLD

Spring Thaw

24 x 36 oil on canvas SOLD

The Green Roof

16 x 20 oil on board Plein air

Golden Pastures

20 x 24 oil on board

Still Waters

36 x 24 oil on canvas SOLD

Winter Tamaracks

24 x 36 Oil on canvas Plein air SOLD


24 x 48 Oil on canvas

Covered Bridge

16 x 20 oil on canvas SOLD

Summer pond

12 x 16 Plein air

The Pond

40 x 60 Oil on Canvas SOLD

Snow Patterns

11 x 14 Oil on Board SOLD

Baie St.Paul

16 x 24 Plein air SOLD

The Louvre

10 x 12 Plein air SOLD

Notre Dame

10 x 12 oil on Board SOLD